Will Your Business be Around in 6-12 Months?

By October 8, 2020 No Comments

The last 6 months have been different from anything most of us have ever seen. It has created tremendous opportunities for some and great obstacles and difficulties for everyone else. Regardless of your current situation, there are specific and proactive things every business can do to not only survive the next 6-12 months but come out stronger than ever before. Here, at the Draper Chamber, we want to do our part to ensure our members have a clear road map to reaching higher levels and performance. In conjunction with Jason Caywood from Sandler Training, we are developing a 6-month program that will look at the critical areas of any business to make sure you are doing all you can to prepare for expansion and growth. To make sure we focus on what is most important to you, please click on the link below to complete a short survey that will help us understand your biggest concerns and areas of opportunity. This feedback will play a significant role in designing the content for this program starting in November. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Caywood at 385-256-5069 or

Please click the following link to complete the survey

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